September 14, 2008

Reno Air Races - Live Streaming Coverage

Since 1964 the Reno Air Races have been the world's fastest motorsport.
This year's meet is shaping up to be one of the best ever. Listen in!

Today's Unlimited Gold race will feature speeds approaching 500mph only fifty feet above the Nevada desert. The top four aircraft are all capable of exceeding the magic 500 number, and as of late last night, all are reported healthy. This week's series of qualifying and heat races has already brought some of the best wing-to-wing action (and drama) we've seen in a decade. The weather has been nearly perfect.

Besides Unlimited, racing classes include Biplane, T-6, Jet Class, Sport and SuperSport, and "Formula One" (no, not THAT F1 but rather one tightly restricted to 100bhp).

This year, the sanctioning body (Reno Air Race Assn) has made available a worldwide stream from the narrator's booth on the airfield. You'll need Windows Media Player to listen, and the link is here. Or, if you have a Mac, try this one.


  1. Freep you need to doublecheck those links, neither seems to work unfortunately

  2. That's because it was a Sunday event. It's over johnny!
    I have the wav file of the Unlimited Gold race and will ftp it to you later on.


  3. If you saw the vids live on sunday would never describe the the experience in person!


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