September 17, 2008


What do our readers think of Porsche's latest?

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Looks a bit like and old Saab from the back. From what I can see so far, no likey.

  2. more like a Hyundai tiburon from the rear

  3. I actually really like it, a lot. Guess I'm wacky that way.

  4. A four door Porsche?

    First that SUV crap, and now this ... I don't think so.

  5. I don't know we can make an esthetic judgement based on this video since it's all still concealed although it look like it will be a bit like a stepped on Cayenne with a rear window a bit like a Cayman.

    I was wondering more about the concept and where you see this fitting in the market. Is this for the Quattroporte crow, 7 series crowd?

  6. That's really why I like it, AC. A Porsche for the luxury sedan crowd. A 7-series that can really get it done. There hasn't been one of those since the manual-transmission 735i went the way of the dinosaur in the mid-'80s.

    And I really like the hatchback vs. the typical 4-door sedan. It says that this is something different. Truly practical and sporty for that crowd. My father would be all over this. Even now in his late-'60s he's gotta have a manual transmission. He had one of those '85 735is with a manual transmission too. Now he's more of a Porsche guy.

  7. Me too. I love the fact they are trying to impose the Hatchback concept instead of playing it safe with a Sedan. Even better if it had been a Wagon!

    My guess is performance wise it will be awesome and probably top the Quatroporte as the most fun to drive luxo-cruiser.

    However, all this is irrelevant as I'm probably still 50 years away of wanting/needing a car like that, that can be taken to the track...

  8. Is that beast built on the Touareg platform too? It sure looks like it.

    Im gonna guess that its going to weigh at least 4500lbs, which is too much.

    I too can appriciate a luxo-barge with a hatchback. I think its an innovative design that no one else in the market has had the balls to try. I also think that no one besides Porsche could ever pull it off. They may not be able to either.
    In disguise, I have to say that the shape is quite ugly. First thing I tought of was a squished Cayenne as AC described.
    Despite all the negatives, I bet they sell every single one they produce.

    Will this also be the new VW Phaeton? hahahaha

  9. Fugly!

    But I also said that about a number of new series (including the e92 series) and now I don´t think thay are so bad after all.

    The Aston four door, that's a beautiful sports sedan!

  10. Marketing funnies aside, wasn't the Phaeton supposed to have been a great car?

  11. I think Porsche have a winner here, we all scoffed at the Cayenne.... In a way it's the same as the X6.

    BMW and Porsche are clever in that they "invented" new psychographic car segments, the "empty nester's non-truck-SUV" for BMW and the "post mid-life crisis 911 rationalist choice" for Porsche. Now all they need to do is convince people they belong there.

    Both the X6 and the Panamera are surely fantastically competent vehicles for what they are designed to do. I wonder if we'll see more of these niche concepts produced in the future ?

  12. Anybody who likes this thing is hereby barred from ever slamming the X6 again. Hypocrits unwelcome.


  13. Well, at the risk of being banned ...

    I hate the X6, but I like the Panamera. They aren't the same thing in my mind, because the X6 is just an X5 with a funny-shaped roof. It's still tall, with a high seating position, like an SUV. And it's still AWD. I hate AWD. Out here in sunny California, AWD is a total waste of everything over RWD.

    The Panamera appears to be a RWD car, with a standard car seating position.

    I don't think that makes me a hypocrite.

  14. Nobody is getting banned here... :o)

    the X6 and the Panamera are only similar in that they both are answers to questions I'm not sure who asked.

    For one thing we still don't know the Panamera's weight...any guesses?

  15. I'll agree that the Panamera is the answer to a question that few have asked.

    But just what question is the X6 an answer for?

  16. it's pretty rare car.... amazingly though, I saw more in Europe than I have seen here. Now that's a bit of a surprise.

  17. Hurray!!! The X6 sucks! and wins by several miles the "Most pointless car ever" for a car enthusiast.

    The Panamera is Porsche's way of doing a Quattroporte contender. Those type of cars, which are clearly not track worthy, it doesn't matter which is cheaper, faster, or uses the most tech. it is just about which one is coolest; and the Maserati is THE cooles and most fun to drive (and as per EVO also faster than the M5 around their track!). That's why nobody cares that the X6 is one millisecond faster than the Cayenne around the NRing, b/c if you can't even put a folded bike in the trunk, why bother driving an SUV, just take your 911 with a roofrack!:

  18. The Phaeton IS a GREAT car, and good business-wise too... just not with a VW badge. It is called the Bentley Continental (Seriously it is the same car)

  19. Maybe the Panamera is a Phaeton too, you saw that Porsch now moved to control 35% of VW...

    So Porsche will control VW, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Skoda Seat ...did I leave anything out?


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