September 17, 2008

Max jumps the shark: proposes common engine for F1

What did the sadist say to the masochist who begged for a spanking? ...No. I hope Formula 1 teams all act like proper sadists after Mad Max's latest proposal... a single engine for all teams!

We really did not care what Mosley does with his free time but when it comes to proposals so insanely dumb we all have to start yelling no.

Interviewed by France's L'Equipe, Mosley criticized current spending on technology which he labeled "irrational". Along with a standard engine, the FIA president would like to see standard gearboxes and suspensions.

How can Formula 1 claim to be the pinnacle of motor sports if innovation is not allowed? How can you expect more passing when all the cars are the same? And why should development cost be contained anyway?
What would be the interest of manufacturers? Max really believes there will be a Mclaren engined Ferrari or a Honda powered Renault?

Thanks Max but no thanks.

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Yes, an then we can have the same rear wings to promote passing, then the same front wings to help safety, then have the same engine to keep the playing field level, and then the same body also.

    Reminds me of nascar...

  2. Why stop there?
    I suggest cloning one of the drivers. Coulthard would be awesome... imagine how entertaining THAT would be!

  3. I think Max has taken one too many slaps to the head.

  4. Cloning Coulthard! hahaha awesome.

    BTW you noticed he managed to collide with someone at Monza too. I didn't work out the statistics but I think he must be setting some kingd of record this year!.

    Tony, considering we've all seen the pictures I'm guessing you are suggesting a cranial-posterior transplant has occurred?!

  5. Hmmm, I can see the idea, but it doesn't work.

    Maybe setting a cap on how much power can be produced is a better idea?

  6. I've always wondered who it is that is continuously calling for reduced costs in F1. Is it the teams? Seems unlikely since they are always finding ways to get around the attempts to cut costs. So if it's not the teams, who really cares how much they spend to make their cars fast? I suppose the FIA fears one dominate team that can outspend and therefore out fast (yes that's a new phrase) the other teams thus creating a series with only one dominant team. If that's the fear, we're they paying attention during the Schumacher years?

  7. OH! I KNOW! They can call it the car of tomorrow and then ask all tracks to eliminate all right turns!

  8. Only turning left would save on steering racks complexity! Excellent!


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