September 13, 2008

Italian GP Live Qualifying

Things to look for in today's qualifying.


It will rain or at least be damp today for qualifying but tomorrow, rain is unlikely. That means the top runners will be forced to qualify with the least amount of downforce possible. Look for some possible surprises from back markers who will try to qualify in front using a wet setup. For all the top teams, drivers will really have to earn their pay today.


There was a communique Friday from the FIA to all drivers to the effect that if a driver cuts a chicane he will not be allowed to attack on the next corner. As a side note, all drivers (well, maybe not Kovalainen...) have agreed that Hamilton had gained an advantage at Spa. The latest, Bourdais said "it's the second time Hamilton makes the same mistake, first time was at Magny Cours", Rosberg who is close to Hamilton said "the punishment was harsh but Lewis had gained an advantage")


Monza is one of the harshest tracks for brakes.


Someone might feel the need to prove they have more than others. Certainly it was the running joke of the paddock if the driver interviews are any indications. Certainly, Alonso got some good zingers in there.

Feed (if it works today) will be after the usual your milage may vary!

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  1. Apparently my cable TV operator thinks a Man Utd vs Liverpool match is more important than F1 Q. Nevertheless, Axis' feed saved the day so I could see the youngest driver in history grab the pole in a glorified Minardi...thanks!


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