September 13, 2008

Forza Minardi!

It didn't take a genius but we nailed it today when we said that the top guys were going to have a tough day and there would be a surprise on pole.

What Formula 1 fan is not delighted to have  Minardi, I mean Toro Rosso, on pole today? 

Monza is the perfect place, most of the team is Italian, the engine is Italian and Sebastian Vettel always thanks his team in their language first, endearing him to a whole country.  He may be the youngest driver in F1 but he is certainly one of the smartest.

He said, after qualifying, that he concentrated on steady quick laps rather than shooting for one fast lap.  That way he did not risk tripping over his balls like some did.   In a recent interview with Autosprint, Ross Brawn said good strategy is no secret,  you just drive the condition you face not the ones you think you will have to.   For some reason known only to himself Hamilton thought he could drive in driving rain on intermediate wets,  he tripped on that one.

Honestly I was surprised because Hamilton looked fantastic on track,  he attacked the curbs like no other.  In fact if you drop all partisan consideration you will have to agree that all drivers earned their pay today.

Tomorrow will be a hell of a race.

A high light video for you.  before you complain about the music, the song fits perfectly and there nat.sound sucked so...  address all complaints to!

Forza Minardi! from Axis Video on Vimeo.

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Was that Eros Ramazzotti at the Ferrari pits?

    cheesy songs but who cares, i have italian family in Vicenza, most of their pop music is cheesy hahaha
    awesome, take that one Lewis ..



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