September 4, 2008

Ferrari to jump shark?: F430 Scuderia Spyder

Does Ferrari feel compelled to compete in the Shark Jumping World Championship on the heels of the, admittedly unbeatable ,Bugatti Veyron Roadster?

Rumors are bubbling that in the fall we will see a convertible, "collector edition", F430 Scuderia drop top.

The current f430 convertible weighs some 150lbs more than the coupe and the question will be if the Scuderia Spyder will be more of a lightweight barchetta (like fellow S.J.W.C. competitor McLaren SLR Speedster) or more of a Veyron Convertible with its extra pounds and "umbrella soft top usable up to 80mph".

The Scuderia Spyder will be limited to 300 units making the operation a guaranteed commercial success . It is expected to be unveiled at Mugello for the Ferrari Challenge finals.


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