September 5, 2008

Belgian GP, Spa-Francochamps. Live Practice

Don't miss this Grand Prix, there is unconfirmed talk about shortening Spa from 7 to 4 km by building a shortcut from Pouhon to Blanchimont in the future!

In case you want an alternative to your local broadcast you'll find a live feed below.

If the feed is restricted, you might need to clear your cookies! (you will not need to clear them all if you don't want, a little trial and error will show you the relevant ones).

Your mileage, as they say, may vary. Leave a comment if you are able to make it work.

Click "read more" for feed...

Times given are GMT.

Final Practice is over, join us for Live Qualifying

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  1. Thank you, good feed, optimal quality

  2. How am I suppose to get work done if I'm watching this... Ah its Friday.


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