September 6, 2008

Belgian GP, Spa-Francochamps. Live feed.

All the keywords for today's Belgian GP have to do with liquids:

Weather: Because it's Spa and it's pretty much the same at the Nürburgring. The track is 7 km long and it can rain at one end of the track and stay dry in another. The FIA official weather service said there is an 85% chance of rain during the second half of the race today.

Painted lines: Because even if the track is dry, at Spa the painted lines have the grip equivalent of radiator fluid. Witness Kimi Raikkonen's spin during Friday practice and crucially, the many spins in this morning's GP2 race. Anyone putting a loaded wheel on anything white will risk big.

Running Streams: If there is an accident and someone ends up in the barriers, water inside the tires will end up on the track. This again happened after Raikkonen's off Friday and caught out Fisichella on the left after Rivage.

Fuel Loads Because of the characteristics of the track, fuel loads effect is the highest of any circuit. Speeds are going to be as much a 1/10th faster per lap as fuel is used up.

Broadcaster trivia bit: Sebastian Vettel has the same maximum measured heartbeat count as Schumacher, 160bpm. Barrichello by contrast has a maximum value of 210 bpm.

As an alternative to your local broadcaster find a live stream after the jump. Feel free to leave comments during the race!.

Times given are GMT. You might need to clear your cookies and you will need a bit of patience for the stream to start running. As usual, your mileage may vary.

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  1. looks like the ITV internet feed is not working today...oh well... it's on tv anyway! :)


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