August 24, 2008

Schumacher on Raikkonen

Michael Schumacher was interviewed after qualifying. As usual he's cool and rational though some might interpret this as making excessive excuses for the Finn. There definitively seems to be the impression among Italian journalists that there is a crack developing between the team and their number one driver.

Interviewed by Italia1 Schumacher said:

First off we need to say that Felipe did a fantastic job but as far as Raikkonen you need to remember that Felipe was also a bit lucky in his choice of tires.

In the morning it looked like the hard compound was best and Kimi spent most of his time chasing a setup with those. In the afternoon conditions changed and the softer tires were stronger. Massa changed but Kimi did not trust the soft tire.

You have to be very careful passing judgements on drivers without having all the information, Kimi has run into more difficult situations. For example in Hungary, behind Alonso, he was stuck in a position where he could do nothing. Once he was free of him he was extremely fast.

He's a World Champion, it's not like you forget how to go fast from one year to the next.

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  1. It seems Felipe Massa is doing well for Ferrari,he has changed since he was working for Peter Sauber, Kimi is not to bad, but Massa has improved a great deal.Now Ferrari has to do is romp away and bring home great victories for Ferrari.


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