August 1, 2008

Hungarian GP, Friday Practice wrap up

Hungary may be a lousy place for racing but it was a great place to watch practice and, tomorrow, qualifying.

The twisty track is extremely demanding, there are some 50 gearshifts pr lap and the cars are constantly changing direction. You could see how much the cars are moving around and I think tire wear is going to play a big role here.

Controlling power oversteer will be key and perhaps Mclaren's engine mapping "traction control" strategy will be the deciding factor. Mclaren was clearly the class of the field and Hamilton unrivaled in sectors one and two. From the top speed data, Hamilton was a full 4 kph faster than everyone elsein the speed trap meaning he's able to get on the throttle much sooner out of the last turn.

Great day for Renault and especially Piquet who once again finds himself just ahead of Fernando Alonso on the time sheets.

Ferrari looked once again on the back foot. Raikkonen seemed uneven with his lines and made a number of obvious errors.

But, tomorrow is when it really counts, join us for qualifying at 8AM.

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