August 6, 2008

Battle Scarred Heroes.

You saw the video, now check out these pictures, courtesy of an Axis reader on the scene at the mythical Belgian track during this year's 24 Hours of Spa...

A of O has a select but extremely cool readership from around the planet. Volker vom Brocke is a good example and he wanted to share these shots with all you tracktards.

Just take a look at the wear and tear on these cars, amazing indication of the realities of a 24 hour endurance race. The Aston and the Ferrari you see above are the cars in the clip below.

Check out Volker's complete slide show by going HERE.

In case you missed our previous post, here is the clip again. Onboards come after the highlights.

2008 24 hours of Spa from Axis of *** on Vimeo.
Thanks Volker!


  1. That 911 GT3 sounds glorious. I know it's just the straight cut box and diffs etc. but I love it.

    AC - excellent posts means an extremely cool readership.

  2. Great shots! Love the top-down one on the F430 apexing...


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