July 2, 2008

Procar's Return

Formula 1 announced that the awesome BMW M1 Procars will once again run before a Grand Prix. No, you will not see Hamilton, Raikkonenen and Massa banging side mirrors, but no matter because sights and sounds should be glorious. Let's see a preview...

We have covered M1's before (you can find many more clips in our archives HERE) but any excuse is a good one to hear more of that glorious Paul Roche designed M88 motor.

There will be ten cars at the German event. Among them and possibly the most valuable Procar of all, is one painted by Andy Warhol for BMW's collection. It will be co driven by Jochen Neerpasch, racer and head or BMW motorsports at the time and Frank Stella, the American painter who created my personal favorite BMW art car, the graph paper 3.0 CSL!

Please, it's important....do turn up the volume and enjoy the sounds.

Care to buy your own M1 Procar? Graber Sportgarage in Toffen, Switzerland has a number of them available...sensibly priced from 105000 to 495000 Euros!

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  1. This is pretty amazing, when kid i was a HUGEEEE fan of M1's and Piquet driving them .. I'm almost getting an NSX but if a new M1 comes .. well that can be called a trade ...



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