July 7, 2008

Own a piece of Axis history!

One of the fabled Axis cars has come on the market, this is your chance to own a fabulous high performance automobile in perfect condition and with a distinguished provenance. Driven only to church on Sundays by an elderly gent and of course, never tracked...

Our friend Walter has decided to part with his beloved 1998 BMW M3. It is a great track day car, stripped with upgraded brakes and beautiful welded cage. Now, perhaps you are not familiar with the works of artist pipemaster Kalani Gohara, let me just say that the fact that Walter was the the one who got the "Kalanic" treatment rather than you makes this car especially appealing. The cage is, as you can see from the pictures, a work of art.
This is a car that can easily lap Watkins Glen in the 2:12-2:14 range.

Here are the details:

1998 BMW M3 Track Car 87k orig. miles, arctic silver, no wrecks, clean title.


8 point custom TIG welded 1.75 steel tube w/ driver side NASCAR basket that is a work of art.
Completely gutted and stripped of all deadener
Painted with oil-based commercial metal paint in a clean looking battleship gray.
Driver side mounting & SFI Window net
Sparco Evo2 seat or Momo Corsa in 14.5"... whichver best fits
Lexan driver window with zeus attachments
Z3 Short-shifter will all new bushings
Seat-back brace in case you want to use aluminum race seat


Bone stock internals including software
86k original miles
Oil pump nut addressed (before failure )
AC Delete along with whole heater box and plumbing
CAI w/ heat shield & K&N cone
AA Gen III catback
Fan delete with 16" pusher mounted where the AC condenser used to be


Wilwood 4-pot Ultra-lite forged aluminum calipers in front with Hawk DTC-70 pads.
Stock E36 M3 rears PF-97 compound


E30 M3 Aluminum control arms
E30 M3 solid FCABs
UUC Transmission mounts + enforcers
Powerflex Subframe and RTAB bushings
Reinforced rear subframe & swaybar mounts
GC race suspension with Koni SA & top adj TC Kline rears
600/650lbs springs installed
Turner race monoball camber plates (-2.7 to -5 adjustable)
Eibach front & rear sways


The original cats and most of the wiring, including the pass electric window are still in place and working so the car can be driven legally if you are that hardcore.

Never bent, 3rd owner car that I bought CPO with mid-30s on it from Rosen in PHL.
The front clip is sandblasted like you would expect of a car with 87k miles.
Transmission was replaced under warranty at 50k for the 5th gear detent issue.
Maintained to a high degree because I do not enjoy losing track time for breakdowns.
It will need front rotors soon and the front control arms are due for replacement at the end of the season.
Fed a steady diet of Mobil1 15w50 in the crankcase, 75w90 in the trans and diff, ATE Typ2000 brake fluid
2779lbs wet w/ 1/2 a tank
2990 w/ me, gear and helmet corner balanced

Samplings w/ my slow self in the driver seat:
2.15.xxx at WGI on Toyo RA-1s
1.23.8xx at Summit Point on R888s
0.56.7xx at Summit Jeff on R888s


Walter Jordan


  1. $17,500... and for the record our gracious host just called me SLOW! I've never been able to make it go around the Glen in 2:12 ;)

    The link to the ad

    Thanks for the plug AC

  2. cg should buy it and race it


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