July 8, 2008

BMW+Fiat = Mini and Alfa?

According to Italian news agencies, BMW and Fiat have signed a memorandum of understanding whereby they would do a certain amount of platform sharing, specifically for Mini, as well as joint development of components for all brands. 
BMW's US dealer network would also, somehow, be involved in the distributions of Alfa Romeos on the US market.... Thoughts?

If you need an "official" source, you can read this


  1. Come on, 8c competizione...

    Sounds like great news, and we may finally get some fiat 500 love in the states, as well as a brerra or two..

  2. The Brera is an awful car... typifies all that has been wrong with Alfa Romeo ... call me back when they start making RWD cars

    Hellllooo.... e90 platform with Alfa Romeo suit????

    can you say potentially very tasty?

  3. Completely agree with you about the RWD platform, but the brera is one of the most stunning cars produced by Alfa...

    Fingers crossed that BMW and Mini dont suin Alfa for us.

  4. The Brera looks nice but I think it's a Vauxhall or something like that underneath. I'm not even sure Alfa developed the engine on that one.

  5. Give me the cinquecento, especially if they make an Abarth version!

    As for the alfa side of the house, having driven an alfa milano (75) verde and alfa spider quadrifoglio I'm with AC...until the rear wheels drive it, I'll stick with my Munich Alfa, the m3.


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