July 31, 2008

More of less: Abarth-Lotus rolling in 2011

Fiat is big on "secret" deals these days, after the recent connection with BMW now comes word that Torino as been shopping in Hethel for a lightweight sport platform...

The recently resurrected Abarth does not have the resources to develop a new car from scratch but having a lightweight focused two seater would recall days when Abarth was more than just a FIAT tuner.

This "halo" car would be based on the next generation Elise platform and powered by a FIAT turbo engine.

While the combination of a FIAT and a Lotus might strike fear in the hearts of anyone concerned with reliability, we applaud any company moving in the direction of building lighter sports cars, 240hp on 900kg is a good direction!

(pictured is the Elise based Pininfarina Enjoy concept)

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