July 31, 2008

Bad week for Michael Schumacher... now hits pedestrian with a van!

What he was doing driving a van remains to be seen, maybe he was practicing to race Sabine Schmitz at the Nürburgring. In any case, coming the same week he did not at all crash a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, this will require more PR overtime!... more details after the jump.

From Daily Mirror and TotalF1:

"Michael Schumacher has allegedly been involved in a road traffic accident in Kent, England. The ex-Ferrari ace was driving a white Fiat Ducato van, and whilst overtaking a slower car driven by an elderly woman, he clipped pedestrian Martin Kingham. Kingham was not seriously hurt in the accident, despite Schumacher’s van suffering a smashed wing mirror.

In an interview with British newspaper the Mirror, Kingham claims Schumacher was angry about the accident and failed to apologise.

“I was putting the security bars up outside the garage before going home. I have to stand on the edge of the road and keep an eye on traffic,” Kingham explained. “Out of nowhere I heard a bang from behind me. It spun me round and I was thrown forward on to my face, hitting the bonnet of a parked van. Then I saw a big blue van go by and realised they’d hit me. I thought I recognised the driver, but my head was spinning.”

“He was screaming, ‘What the f*****g hell were you doing in the road?’ He seemed cross, as if I was in the wrong. I called the police.”

“The officers asked me to wait in my office while they spoke to him. An officer came in and said ‘This guy’s claiming to be Michael Schumacher’. Then another told us she’d seen his ID and it was him.”

“He still didn’t apologise. The police realised I wasn’t too injured and told us to swap addresses, then he just got back in the van and drove off without even looking at me. He was arrogant.”

“The way I landed was lucky. My leg was aching, but I didn’t mention it to the police. The next day a big bruise came up below my knee.”

Schumacher’s agent, Sabine Kehme confirmed, “There was a collision but nobody was injured. Michael cooperated with police. There is nothing else we wish to say.”

BBC has a slightly different version:

"A Kent car dealer who was sent flying when a van struck a barrier was shocked to discover the driver was the German ex-Formula 1 ace, Michael Schumacher.
Martin Kingham, 39, said he was closing the security gate at his premises in Lydd on Sunday afternoon when a Fiat van struck the end of it.
The barrier hit his leg "sending him spinning" on to the bonnet of a car.
Police called to the incident said they helped both men to swap details and no further action was needed.
Mr Kingham was unhurt, while only minor damage was caused to Schumacher's van in the collision outside Millfield Motors, just before 1600 BST."

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