July 24, 2008

Max beats it!

Pardon the pun, but Max Mosley has the last laugh here. He won his privacy case against the newspaper which published the video of him having tea with strumpets.

I'm guessing some will be nervous for another year until Mosley's pledged to resignation in 2009....

What remains to be seen is who put the News of the World up to this...

"...Outside the high court, Mosley told the waiting media scrum: "I am delighted with that judgment, which is devastating for the News of the World. It demonstrates that their Nazi lie was completely invented and had no justification."

In his judgment Mr Justice Eady said that Mosley had a "reasonable expectation of privacy" in relation to his sexual activities no matter how "unconventional".

He found no evidence of Nazi themes in the orgy and said Mosley's life had been "ruined"..."

The Guardian

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