July 24, 2008


Brilliant, sometimes a simple yet twisted idea can result in hypnotic zen like this.

"Zampa" is one the original tracktards, if you are familiar with cinghialoni.org and track4fun.com, he needs no introduction. We have have featured some of his, mostly sideways, antics here before. It's a long drive from Milano to Nürburg, why not make an arty tracktard stoner film out of it?

Part 2 and 3 are after the jump. Be sure you stop by and see some of Marco's excellent automotive photography on his web site too!


  1. aaaah how i miss driving in Europe! Gorgeous, long, meandering roads with no potholes... and people who actually know that the left lane is for passing and faster cars... ah simple pleasures...

  2. does anyone know what the vinyl on the windscreen says?


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