July 4, 2008

Lewis Hamilton is a tool

I know British readers hate us for it but we have to call it as we see it with Lewis Hamilton. 
When we first saw him in GP2 and the start of the 2007 F1 season, we gave his fantastic talent its due but since then, Lewis has just been his own worst enemy. 
In half a season he has managed to go from his Peter Pan imitations to rear ending cars in the pit lane ("...I would not call it a mistake...") to this week end,  getting grounded by his dad?...

In case you have not read about it elsewhere, here is what happened: 

Earlier in the week, Lewis announced to the world that he was the fittest man in Formula 1. Jenson Button, at the traditional Thursday press conference begged to differ and challenged him to put his money where his mouth is.  Button bet $20000 Hamilton could not beat him in a triathlon. Lewis reluctantly accepted but an half hour after the press conference, Papa Hamilton put out a press release which read:

"Lewis accepted the challenge like the good sport he is, and in the spirit with which he accepts things, but unfortunately for Lewis we are withdrawing him from this. We are in the middle of the championship, and that is the focus of our attention."

People must be chuckling all up and down the pit lane and Lewis might want to consider getting professional help with his career.


  1. shouldn't this reflect badly on anthony, not lewis? just a thought.

  2. I agree before bashing someone on your blog don't you think you should portray it a bit better then the way you have, Your blog could be much better without all the ignorant bias for some and disdain for a particular driver.

  3. Dear Anonymous... both of you. I would like to hear your version of what happened to Ham this year. If you accuse us of "disdain" then I have to ask you about your unquestioning loyalty in the face of frankly boneheaded moves. What is your explanation for the "Peter Pan", the red-light moment and this latest funny moment?

    You can't just blame Pops Hamilton, Lewis is a grown man by now. Is he the boss or is he just a promotional puppet?

    Do you not think it's time for Lewis to have someone guide him better?

    If you have been a reader here you would know that Hamilton always got his due for his talent but we refuse to be automatically in awe of the guy (....ok,, let's be fair, CG hates his guts more then he hated Schumacher, but that's another story)

    Anyway, next time Kimi falls down drunk in public we will call him a dork too.....don't worry!

  4. before saying that papa was the one in the wrong here, lets look at who opened his mouth in the first place. In my book it reflects badly on both of them

  5. Ham's own mouth and attitude are the ones doing the work against him. We saw it coming from last year, and now it is just in evidence every other week. He is just a big jerk who happens to be a talented driver.

    Pa hamilton is in his full right to reign in the bigger than god ego since he is his official manager

  6. That´s what Ham got for grounding Tony after crashing the CGT...

  7. HAhaha yes he has talent, but he is a girl not a man!
    Button on the other side he is a true man!

  8. AC, isnt it time you stop being so biased and admit the troy/peter pan thing was cool and manly and that Lewis' acceptance of Jenson's "man" challenge (per DC) was totally sporting and a signal of his hipness and strength of character, despite his daddy's grounding him so he couldn't go?

  9. Between this video, his 2008 performance, and his grounding by his dad, I'm just embarrassed for him.

    BTW- It's not surprising that his fan base doesn't have the balls to go by anything other than "anonymous".


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