June 3, 2008

HANS, who is HANS? My middle name is Hans...

That was one of the funniest moments of our 'ring trip: "HANS?  but who is HANS? My middlle name is Hans...." Berndt, the Tech director at RSR joked after CG asked if their GT3's belts were HANS compliant*.

We are not here to preach or lecture, you are each responsible for your own safety at the track and it's up to you to evaluate your comfort level with risk. Having said that, four out of five Axis dudes use a HANS not just when racing but on track days as well. 

For me personally the moment for me came when, at the end of a session at Watkins Glen I found a fully sheared wheel spoke.  The Freep guiltied me over any final rationalization hurdles.  Thing is,  you can't always "just not crash" you know? The law of averages is always hanging there so, it seemed like a small insurance policy.   It goes without saying that a HANS should only be worn if your car has the proper belts with proper mounting points.

Keep in mind that you will not need to have a crash like Kubica's last year, even a 30mph into a barrier will make you glad a racer from Atlanta persevered though ridicule and negative reaction.

Below is a piece about the HANS from a tv down under.

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