June 23, 2008

Battle of the gas misers: Toyota Prius vs BMW M3

Shelve those plans for a Prius track car, Top Gear proved once and for all that a BMW M3 will get much better milage than the egg shaped Toyota.


  1. I love it! It is really (relatively) true.

    On our trip to The Glen the Exige S used only 0.8gal less of fuel than the 997S, and that's with the Exige S drafting the Porsche.

    Efficiency and proper engineering matters most than actual engine size. US big V8s are gas guzzlers not b/c they are V8s but b/c they use prehistoric technology

  2. Hey, CG, have you bothered to check the highway mileage figure for a Corvette recently?

    Again, you are wrong.


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  4. I didn't say specifically the Vette engine which is 0.00000000001% of the volume of all American V8s. The most modern of an archaic design doesn't make it contemporary.

    Also the quoted mileage is usually crap, and you have to do real scientific tests like the ones in Top Gear. ;^)

    Also, wonder why Detroit owns the ultimate secret on how to make 2 valve pushrod engines more efficient while the rest of the world does 4V DOHC long time ago. Maybe they should try F1 or LMP1 to prove they are right and have a OHV 2 valve car make a lot less pitstops b/c is soo efficient..

  5. Surely you guys are not questioning Top Gear rigorous scientific standards are you? :o)

    I think Corvette use pushrods in the GT racers. I know they do not use leaf spring though.

  6. lets put AOS on the map and get this article Dugg!!



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