June 22, 2008

2008 French GP wrap-up

Our live stream this morning was a mixed bag, some in the US saw it, many did not, don't ask me why, I'm not much of programming expert. We tried!

On to the race, for the first time in 15 years a Brazilian leads the World Championship. Felipe Massa took advantage of Kimi Raikkonenen's flailing exhaust and won the race. Ferrari was miles ahead of the field but I think this was the first GP for Kimi's engine and it looks pretty fried. Expect Raikkonen to have to start 10 places back at Silverstone.

Lewis Hamilton got hit with yet another penalty. This is a tough one, if you look at the clip he was ahead of Vettel at the turn in for the Nurburgring chicane when he ran off the road. I guess the counter argument would be that he would never have made that pass stick if it were not for the paved runoff.... what do you think?

Very "appy" for Jarno Trulli who in no way was going to let himself get smoked on the last lap of a French GP again! His battle with Heikki Kovalainen was epic.

NelsiƱo Piquet got a nice break when one of the Force India cars blocked Alonso on the last lap and allowed the Brazilian through. I guess he gets a reprieve.


  1. 2008 F1 regs allow for one grace engine change, which Kimi could use to avoid the 10 grid space penalty.

    Thanks for all of the feeds and all of the coverage.

  2. I missed the race because I was working but that's all the highlight I needed.

    It seems like the Hammy penalty was justified because he was quite off the track... more than 4 wheels worth that's for sure.

    Fox Sport's coverage of Canada was pretty awful with so many commercials (4-5 laps then adverts) so I bet France was similar.

    ... on this video, what is WITH that music at the end. It sounds like a the 1984 Soap Opera Awards show tune.

  3. Believe it or not that music at the end was the actual music on the Brazilian broadcast!


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