May 28, 2008

TraqStudio and Traqmate 2.10 preview.

Major overhaul from the guys at Traqmate. The latest version of the Traqview software has a long list of improvements and new features but the most significant change is the new TraqStudio which can not only sync video but can now output it with a graphics overlay of the gauges.

I have tried the new software running under Parallels and it not only runs perfectly but is quite fast as well, better than real time speed for video output. The primary use is with the ChaseCam PDR100, it likes MPEG2 files best but it will also accept .wmv and .AVI files.

At this point there is no support for direct .DV input (for that you might look at TrackVision) but there is an extensive output list, cleverly organized by intended use presets, for example "web 4x3" or "DVD 16x9".

All of this is intended to make what had been a tedious process as simple as possible, because really, we'd rather be driving, right?

This is no accident, Traqmate is run by racers. Below you can find videos, created with TraqStudio, by company boss and Spec Miata racer Glenn Stephens. To flog those Miatas around the track you need to keep your foot down and Glenn does a great job at it both on track and with Traqmate!
(check out the "Theoretical Best Lap" video feature, the best lap you NEVER did!)

Traqmate TraqStudio: Axis approved and recommended!

You can read all the tech details on this .PDF file.

CMP Saturday Pole Lap from Glenn Stephens on Vimeo.

CMP Saturday Race Start - SM41 from Glenn Stephens on Vimeo.

Theoretical Lap Video, Spec Miata at Road Atlanta from Glenn Stephens on Vimeo.

1967 Camaro Z28 at Sebring from Glenn Stephens on Vimeo.

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