May 29, 2008

Bernie Ecclestone on Mosley and the future of the FIA

You may have been reading a lot of speculation about what will happen after the June 3rd vote by the FIA. You may also have read rumors about might become Mosley's successor as head of world motorsports, Jean Todt, even Gerhard Berger....I thought it would be interesting to hear the most influential man in F1's thoughts on the subject.

This interview is from Belgian TV (Spraakmakers) and features a stunningly bad and comical interviewer. Given the questions asked, I commend Mr Ecclestone for sitting through the whole twenty minutes without tossing a heavy object at the guy's head.

My favorite question: "...are there persons you haven't met you would like to meet again?"


  1. That was quite possibly the most painful thing I have ever watched and it was brilliant.


  2. Straight to the point - no bs or sugarcoating anything...


    The interviewer seems to be way too interested in Bernie's mortality

    Thanks for the video!


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