May 24, 2008

Monaco Massa Class

While everyone was busy pre-congratulating Lewis Hamilton and Mclaren for their domination of Monaco qualifying, the Rodney Dangerfield of Formula 1 was busy plugging away at getting his braking just right and dodging guard rails by the right amount. On Saturday Felipe Massa put in a massive lap for Ferrari's first pole at Monaco since 2000. Raikkonen will be right next to him.
While Lewis Hamilton will get bonus extra style points for trying a WRC handbrake turn at the hairpin (I wonder how that looked time wise on the telemetry?) Mclaren did not have an answer for Ferrari who were faster in the light tanks Q2. Pole is 90% of the race and you can see from the Q2/3 times that everyone is running as light as possible.

Meanwhile, David Coulthard practiced for the race by slamming the door on a pesky guard rail he thought was trying to pass him on the outside...

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