May 23, 2008

All Access

It may not be an FIA (or I guess it would have been FISA...) all access pass but I'm sure it was not much different. This old pass (a birthday present from my lovely and super patient wife) is a great snapshot of what Formula 1 was back then and how things are now (nice picture Max...).

What has not changed is the magic of running at 300km/h on narrow armco lined streets.
We might get rain this year, that always made for interesting Sundays on the riviera.

The announcer may be German but the language is pure motorhead and needs no translation.

Now back to the present, lets go for a few laps with Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso (having a hell of a time fighting the Renault)


  1. I know the car is working well but Hamilton looks immense.

    Will the tires last ?

  2. It looks like Lewis might be reading Axis and listened to our advice of "shut up and drive". If he keeps that up I would call him as the favorite come Sunday.


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