April 27, 2008

That had to hurt...

Most boring race of the year. Ferraris dominated, the only variable of interest, Alonso, retires with a melted Renault engine. BMW once again almost have it but are not quite there. Coulthard is involved in his obligatory murky door slamming incident...

Heikki Kovalainen sure made everyone wake up though... scary. He's apparently all in one piece, and Mclaren will to write off that chassis, perhaps karma for Ron Dennis's comments ridiculing the size of Kubica's nose in a pre-race interview!


  1. Ouch.... tough one, I still have bruised ribs from my similar (albeit 100mph slower) tire barrier duck at GPNY...

  2. Heikki had a 26G deceleration, 140mph to 0 in 100 milliseconds! He was knocked out but is fine, no broken bones, no internal injuries.

  3. Did the rapid stop knock him out or did his head's impact against the tire barrier do the trick? Check out the photo in the story linked below, if he hadn't been knocked out he'd have found himself unable to move and seeing only conveyor belt through his visor.

    http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/motor-racing/kovalainen-crash-has-eerily-familiar-echo-816697.htmleeing o


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