April 26, 2008

Spanish fly but only for 15 seconds

That's how long Fernando Alonso had pole position for on Saturday. The thrusting fist, the roaring crowds...oh well, it was good while it lasted, right?

Fantastic day for Renault and Alonso who must be ecstatic to have come in ahead of both Mclarens. About that, I had to laugh at this "qualifying summary" on GrandPrix.com. These guys are the grandpas of F1 coverage yet they cannot even thinly disguise their hatred for anything Alonso connected. Renault was pretty quick all week end and the light fuel Twingo selling theories start to sound a little tin hat and grumpy, as if Mclaren for example would not do what ever it took to get Hamilton on pole for the British GP...
In the light fuel Q2, Alonso had 1:20.804 vs Hamilton's 1:20.825. The Q3 delta of about 1/10th between the two does not suggest a huge fuel load difference, perhaps one or two laps. We'll see tomorrow.

Speaking of the fuel game, at the beginning of this RAI TV cli of Raikkonen's full pole lap, race engineer Chris Dyer is asked how much fuel Kimi might have on board, "enough" he coyly answers...


  1. I think FA and Renault were as surprised as any of us. Did you notice the lack of a giant watch on Fernando's wrist during the post Qualifying interviews?

  2. Yes and he probably went and took a giant crap in the Mclaren motorhome toilet, clogging it and making it impossible for Hamilton to run "light".

  3. i have long suspected that grandprix.com are in some way on the mclaren payroll.

    either that or regularly take delivery of brown paper envelopes :)

  4. Well, these guys have their own "cosa nostra" thing going. They all write incredibly well, it has been a bit of a letdown to see them so inebriated by Hamilmania.

    I'm convinced that plays a large part in this whole Max Mosley setup story as well, Matt Bishop for one must have many friendly contacts among those who are, pardon the pun, relentlessly pounding away at the old perv. I think they blame him for the Hamilton story not having a Hollywood ending.


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