April 8, 2008

Learning to fly

Revisiting the most ridiculous excuse for brain fail ever, Lewis Hamilton did indeed have a broken upper element of his front wing (on the left side on the video below). This he had damaged by running into the back of Alonso when he out braked himself earlier in the lap. Perhaps Lewis decided he needed a faster run to accomplish his goal of overtaking the Renault by going not around but over it.

Here is the earlier collision.


  1. Christ, are we going to have to hear three weeks of this before the Ham does something else to attract your ridicule?

    C'mon, give the guy a break. It's not as if it's him trying to push the blame onto something else, he 'fessed up to having a crap race..

  2. Why is Mclaren doing it's best to make him look ridiculous? A simple " it was brain fade, it can happen ..." would have ended it all right there.
    But between the press blaming Alonso and Whitmarsh coming up with this wing excuse, who is it that's stirring the pot?

    If I were Hamilton I would take a good look around and re-evaluate his whole support system. It pretty hard when you come into the championship effectively declaring that you are world champion like he did.

  3. I for a change will side with Hamilton on this issue... not for the mistake he made but rather for how he's conducted himself since the race. I thought taking complete responsibility was the most noble thing he could do.


  4. Freep he only lamented letting the team down.

    But the issue at hand is the silliness of him completing the better part of a lap with a damaged wing and then blaming said wing for an Audi-esque unintended acceleration?? c'mon now.

  5. People around Hamilton do not do him too many favours ... The guy is a human like all the other drivers, he messed up a GP, he knows it, we could see it, why the team has to come out with silly excuses ...


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