April 7, 2008

Axis Brilliant Ideas preview.

As the track season is about to really get going, a quick preview of the various hare brained schemes we are plotting for our (and hopefully your) amusement and much to the determent of our bank accounts.

Let me just drop some hints with a few pictures, I will elaborate in the next few days!

Brilliant Plan A

Brilliant Plan B

Brilliant Plan C


  1. you're doin it steve...i knew that little motors days were numbered.

  2. Three absolutely foolproof ideas...in the words of Richard Hammond, "this could only go well."

  3. I found a healthy 3.4 at the right price and couldn't pass it up :). Since there is no Spec Boxster class here in the NorthEast and I don't feel like sitting around waiting to race, it was a no brainer. With a 3.4l it I have a lot more flexibility in race classes (mainly, it should fit in nicely in NASA's GTS3).


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