April 9, 2008

"It sounds like a turbo. Seriously."

The B2G guys are on a roll today, now reporting the likely sighting of a Cayman Turbo in testing at the Ring.

I could get used to days like this.



  1. My fear is that they will gear it so that its as fast as a Carrera S, and price it so that its the same price as well.

    And remember the Carreras are set to get Direct Injection in 2009 or 2010, so they will be even faster in a couple of years.

    Although I think has gotten themselves in a bit of a jam with the pricing/performance levels of the new m3, rs4, s5, and GT-R's against the current offerings from Zuffenhausen. (or in the case of the caymen- Valmet)

  2. just come back from a weekend at the ring, spart from VLN and tourist lapping, i spent a good bit of time spotting some cars being tested including GTR V-Spec, BMW X6 (very fast!!!), 08/09/10? camaro? (the two door one!) v10 and v12 sounding audi r8's, audi Q7 (v12 diesel?), a merc c class mule, a chevy srt4???, two rx8's with not very wankel sounding exhausts..... no turbo cayman on my horizon though :(


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