April 10, 2008

Fernanado seeks professional fan

Well, this ought to be cause for much merriment...

Basically it boils down to this, ING came up with the idea and Alonso accepted to hold a YouTube based video contest to find his #1 fan.

Said fan will then follow Alonso and the Renault team for the remainder of the season and get full paddock access. Food and lodging taken care of along with a 3000 Euro a month stipend. No word if you get to party with Flavio Flav at Billionaire.

To qualify the potential "Aficionados Profesional" will need to recite a play by play of a fictional race Fernando wins on the last lap, followed by a post race press conference which is to include the question "do you think you are favored to win the championship this year?"

Ah.... OK Let's see what YT has to offer so far.... Click here

News report in Spanish.

News report in Italian.


  1. Of course Max Mosely is holding a similar contest....on RedTube :o)

  2. The burning question is if I win and become the "Aficionados Profesional" do I also get full "access" to the brunette?

    The blond, I'll pass of to "my people," because by the time Monaco rolls around I'll have acquired some.


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