March 18, 2008

Why the Nissan GT-R will fail.

"...What’s the Nissan GT-R’s market base? Well, it’s primarily made up of people who play Gran Turismo and its descendants, plus a smattering of kids who thought the car with the Impala-esque taillights in 2Fast 2Furious was pretty cool. Most of these people live in the basements of their parents’ homes. Do you see the problem with the idea of marketing a $70,000 car to people who still live with their parents and who spend all night on XBOX Live? If you don’t, allow me to point it out for you: These kids don’t have any money. They may be tremendously knowledgeable car enthusiasts and very nice people, but when I was seventeen years old, I was a knowledgeable car enthusiast too, and I don’t remember buying any $70,000 cars with my minimum-wage earnings from working the parts counter at David Hobbs BMW..."


  1. I think BMW should be on that short list BTW...

  2. To me it's just too ugly. I think the 350Z & G37S both look better. Even the aging 911 design (the target Nissan wants to take down) is much more aesthetically pleasing. It's the performance bargain of the century but I'd rather spend the $70K elsewhere.

  3. As a driver all this talk about doom and gloom for the GTR bring just one thought to my head ... I can't wait to pick up a used GTR for 40K in 2-3 years.

    Bitch and moan all you want about your definition of success for this car but in the end the GTR is a fantastic drivers car that conquered all in its domain. If it means Ill be able to pick one up before I give up my dignity or youth, all the better.

  4. I think the author of the article makes clear his respect for the engineering involved. The critique is more marketing/economic, or psychographic as Freep would say.

  5. haha, you guys listed rightfootdown.



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