March 2, 2008

Toyo RA-1, still the track day king.

Our readers have spoken: the venerable Toyo RA-1 is still the track day king. Not surprising given its excellent price/performance/wear ratings. However, the king is now officially dead and it will be interesting to see how its replacement the Toyo R888 will do. The 888 has been available outside the US market for some time now so I expect no surprises, except maybe that Toyo would make a size that actually fits my car, that would be sweet.

The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup had a strong second place showing. I was surprised to see so few votes for the Hoosier and Kumho.

thanks for voting!

What tires do you use for track days?

Whatever the car came with
8 (9%)
Michelin Sport Cup
14 (17%)
Pirelli Corsa
1 (1%)
Hoosier R6
8 (9%)
Kumho V710
5 (6%)
Kumho Victoracers
1 (1%)
Kumho V700 Ecsta
1 (1%)
Toyo RA1
25 (30%)
Toyo R888
7 (8%)
4 (4%)
Yokohama 048
5 (6%)
Avon Tech R
0 (0%)
BFGoodrich R1
2 (2%)
Full Slicks
6 (7%)
18 (22%)

Votes so far: 81


  1. The Nitto NT-01 should have been a choice as well.

  2. Agreed,, I realized I left the Nitto out but by then someone had voted and I could not change the poll.


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