March 8, 2008

New Mercedes SL63 Lightweight F1 pace car

One week ahead of the first 2008 season GP, Mercedes boasts its latest pace car offering is a full 485lbs lighter than the series car it's derived from. The 585hp SL63 AMG has plastic engine hood, wings, doors and trunk, the motors for the roof are gone as is much sound deadening.

The result, according to MB " a weight reduction of 220 kilograms, with the Safety Car weighing in at just 1750 kilograms/3858lbs (with a full tank and without occupants)".

And they say Germans have no sense of humor...


  1. Wait, so is that a fake dashboard?

    Also, why is it called a C63? I swear it looks like an SL with a C-class nose facia?

    -Confused Freep

  2. My bad on on the name, they also presented a C63 medical car (wagon).
    The dash has extra monitors for following the race. Car also has a "AMG" tuned crowd pleasing exhaust and 390x36mm composite brakes to trick Sebastian Vettel. :o)

  3. It may be fatter than a GT-R but the exaust note can only be described as "Wagnerian"!


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