March 8, 2008

After NASCAR I suppose this was inevitable...

Comment on the YouTube page:

"neurofedor:  Definitivamente Montoya es un Red Neck"


  1. I was hoping we could keep this in the closet... thanks Axis. ;)

    I just don't know what he and his manager were thinking!

  2. I guess the temptation to be the Bogota Bruiser was just too much! :0)

  3. Who needs Latino Piloto is Muy Bueno when there's Grande breasted a beb├ęs en el anillo

  4. CG is oddly silent on this one... next thing you know JPM will be spotted driving a ZO6...


  5. I've always called Nascar "Four Wheeled Wrestling". This proves it.

  6. A Z06 is just the natural progress after this... his Colombian citizenship is about to be abolished...

    Sad day..., one more soul that sold out to the cash-rich world of US low tier mass media advertising...

    What use to be a half-decent educated (struggled through high school in a decent school and never went to college) latin, easily got paid his way into perpetual redeneckness....

    For all purposes F1 JPM is now dead in my book...

  7. Bad news guys, now Tiff is pretending to like NASCAR!


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