March 24, 2008

Lime Rock Evolves.

We were sent this map of the proposed changes to Lime Rock Park. I'm not sure what will be the accessibility those not members of the newly founded track club but the changes are certainly both welcomed and interesting.

While some will inevitably lament the lack of open corners and the elimination of that quaint proximity to the tire walls, I (and the other axis track-tards) look at it as a fresh challenge on a track that, frankly, was a bit long in the tooth and past it's prime.

The way this Alan Wilson proposal goes, I see some left right turns which if taken the proper way, will not be boring chicanes but entertaining challenges that will penalize bad lines.

Presuming many sections of the track will also get the repaving they need (downhill and turn one braking zone) this will make LRP relevant again.


  1. Great...another great track sanitized by Alan Wilson!

    I don't know why his firm is so popular, especially with "club tracks". So far I have driven two, (three if you count Autobahn North and South as different tracks)Wilson tracks and they have no flow to them.

    It just one abrupt set of corners after another.

  2. I do not see it as a negative but as a new challenge. After all Lime Rock was in a pathetic case of disrepair and badly in need of even vestigial left turns. Not to mention a fighting chance not to hit something if you went off anywhere but Big Bend.


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