March 10, 2008

Formula 1 2008 preview.

Just a couple of days away now, as good a time as any to go over rule changes for the 2008 season, there are quite a few.

First and most visible will be the "Axis of Oversteer" rule, no traction control, no computer controlled engine braking. With no help going into the corners and no help coming out (well....we know F1 engineers are more clever than F1 officials), the gap between the good and the great will be more evident. Who knows, maybe we'll get another Senna at Monaco with a Toleman moment.

The other major change in terms of racing will come from the modified qualifying rules. Teams will not be allowed to fuel between the end of final qualifying session and the start of the race.
With the final session shortened to only ten minutes, on many tracks that will be just a couple of laps. In terms of strategy, with no more pointless fuel burn off lapping and limited chances of getting a hot lap, teams will tend to send out "light" cars for grid position and that will mean short stints at the beginning of the race.

Other rule changes include:
A token amount of fuel components that would allow the FIA to wear "bio-green" underwear.

Coulthard-proof cockpit sides, longer and higher side head protection to prevent contact with any eventual flying Scotsmen.

Gearboxes have to last four week ends, a failed transmission will result in a five grid spot penalty. Engine failure is ten spots but all teams get one "get out of jail free" card for the season and more components will be able to be replaced with identical items.

A number of "exotic" materials have been banned as a cost saving measure.

Always in the name of "cost savings" teams are limited to two cars per race week end which in FIA think would stop the big boys from bringing four chassis to each race..... not really sure how that one is supposed to work.

Testing miles have been further cut but with an interesting out clause for teams: testing miles will not count for drivers who have not raced in Formula 1 for the previous twenty four months and who have not, in that same period driven an F1 car for more than four days.
This is FIA speak for giving young drivers a chance but it can also be a good employment opportunity for retired F1 talent, that's two free Schumacher tests a year for example!

Finally I can think of no good reason not to repost the awesome FIA 2007 season highlight reel....

F1 2007 from on Vimeo.


  1. I just hope Heikki can hang with Kimi and Lewis.

  2. Well, let's see how Mr. Hamilton likes being number 1 and what happens if Heikki can hang a little too much.. :oP

  3. I'm no Hamilton fan but anyway a little story. I think it was Keith Sutton who went to take some photo's of him when Mclaren first gave hime some support. He got to the car park and while unloading his camera gear he asked a marshal where he could find Lewis Hamilton, the marshal said "you can't miss him, he'll be the one who's a lap ahead of everyone else".

    I hope Heikki can live with him though, he's such a nice chap. Like a more approachable Kimi :)

  4. Kimi and Lewis are very talented drivers,
    but wouldnt you all like to see an unexpected vicotry? Who wants another "Schumacher's-Streak"

    I believe it should go to Massa,
    he has it in him but needs to get his head straight.

    If not Massa then Alonso deserves it,
    it's good to see him back with Renault.

  5. who edited this video? brilliant job.


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