January 6, 2008

Three interesting things about the F2008 front end

A. This secondary wing which must clean up and split the airflow to the bottom of the car was already present on the F2007. For this year it looks to have been further refined in shape and thickened.

B. I have no clue at to what this mysterious pod hanging below the zero keel might be.

C. Fantastically complex shape of the front wing reminds some of the late 2007 Toyota design and is refinement of the front wing seen in Brazil 2007

Naturally, expect the wings and many of the details to look somewhat different in Australia and certainly nothing like this by the end of the season.

In general the 2008 has a shorter wheelbase, larger nose wing, a rear wing more over the rear axle, and smaller /shorter sidepods. This would indicate more weight to the front of the car, both physical and aero.

Perhaps if we have any aerodynamicists among our readers, they might post their thoughts.


  1. Could item b, be a camera pod? Don't forget the new camera views we saw last year of different team's front wings.

  2. no way you could see anything through that maze of wings, bargeboards and winglets! :)

  3. Item B is filled with liquid nitrogen and vodka, and was required in Kimi's contract in any year subsequent to him becoming world champion.


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