January 18, 2008

Night training

Haven't posted any 'ring videos for a while...shame on me! Here Marco Schelp in a BMW e46, is training for the 2007 24hr of the Nürburgring.
Super cool layout for the data gauges and second camera insert, maybe our friends over at Trackvision and Traqmate will whip up something similar for their systems.
And man, do I love those Z4 GTRs... shame they never got to race in the US.

(thanks Fredau)


  1. That barely even counts as twilight. For real night driving check out the video from my stint at the 24 Hours of Lemons at Thunderhill.

    Our lighting consisted of the 4 stock E30 headlights - not a setup that I would recommend.

  2. Nice Rahul!....but then again I wonder if at the 24 Hr of Lemons it's not really better NOT to see!

  3. Driving blind does fit better with the Lemons concept but after a couple of "code brown" moments I have to say that I'd much rather see where I am going :-)

  4. The 2008 24h will be the week end of May 24th/25th

  5. a 10 minute lap...that guy sux!!

  6. actually the lap times (which include the
    gp circuit of course) are fairly competitive for his class. That 2h and 43 minute lap must have been a killer though...:)

    2007 24h rennen SP6 results


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