January 18, 2008

Darwin's Guard Rail.

Is that wrong?
No, it's not because as it turns out nobody was seriously injured...a rally miracle.

This was in Sicily during the Targa Florio a few years ago. The best part is the cameramen yelling insults at the human tire barriers who turn out to be quite effective as the car just takes off down the stage with just flatspotted tires to worry about! That and the emergency worker telling the crowd only the wounded can get to ride in the ambulance!

Now for a look at the real Targa Florio, let the great Vic Elford (who also "hit a local") take you for a drive... this is on the "whimpy" 45 mile course, which you did 10 times. the course included a 3.7 mile straight...lined with sheep presumably, for safety.

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  1. While the subject is rather horific, you title(s) and commentary are rather funny...I laughed, I cried...nice job


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