January 8, 2008

Mclaren F1 in luscious detail.

OK, so it's in Japanese but this is a great look at what is still, after sixteen years, as good as it got in the supercar game. You'll understand, trust me.

The program shows you all sorts of fascinating details you might not have seen, suspension, brakes, cooling. No Stiggy power slides heroics here, there is even an obviously balky shifter, with third gear seeming not so easy to find in at least two shots. But check out the dravings of the brake cooling system for example...great stuff to see.

There is a lot of buzz about the coming Ferrari Millechili concept, interesting that 1000 kg was precisely Gordon Murray's target 20 years ago when he first sketched out the F1 concept on a flight back from the Italian Grand Prix.


  1. Wait a minute. The guy makes a massive mistake with the clutch pedal and you call that a "balky shifter" ???!!??


    The F1 was many things, "twitchy" being among them whenever an average dumbass gets behind the wheel, but nobody has ever complained about a single component of the drivetrain. If you read the book on the car, you know what lengths Murray went to, in order to get the shifter just right.

    Tiff never appeared to miss a shift in either Big Mac he's driven on camera, and he never expressed a single complaint about an component of the car's drivetrain.

    - So Sayeth The Freep

  2. OMG...Freep, the Mullah of Munich is after me for daring to say something wrong about the F1!!!


    I did not say the greabox was DESIGNED wrong, all I said is that it balked on the 2-3 shift twice.
    Your choice if it's DWA or some real issue with THAT box.
    Most show might have edited that part out to make their stig look better!


    And yes the suspension movement is like an Elise...more maybe.

  3. The Freep would never accuse anyone of DWA... so don't be insinuating such!

    Look, do some research on this and you'll find the Freep is right. That dude had to be one of the worst "pro" drivers I've ever seen, bar none. He was the most ham-handed, herky-jerky driver I've ever seen on a professional video. His driving "style" if you want to call it that is far better suited to a drift competition. To me, he looks like an early Intermediate student with an aggression problem and a huge Honda badge on his suit.

    That footage was all from the Best Motoring series from Japan... that crew is notorious for hating all shifters, except the one in the NSX-R. Seriously, go check it out and you'll see I'm right. Go find the Best Motoring on the F355 Ferrari (and other Ferraris, for that matter). They try to make a point by (I allege) deliberately missing shifts.

    That is pathalogical journalism.

    With regards to the suspension travel, yup, and guess what, it's a street car, so yeah it has a ton. Tiff didn't seem to have a problem with it, however. You REALLY should've embedded his '95 McLaren drive from Youtube at the end of this post!


  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another thing!

    Who the hell drives over 150mph without a helmet!?!?!??!!?

    Just one more slam at that dude's credibility.


  5. Safety police alert!

    It's a street car, right? although at that point he could have dispensed with the fire suit...


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