January 13, 2008

In Michael's slipstream

Ferrari may have had a low key launch for their F 2008 at Maranello but they sure put on a extravaganza in the ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio. And while Bernie Ecclestone participated in Mclaren's rather funereal launch, Ferrari managed to get Bernie's daughter Tamara trying to "stay in Schumacher's slipstream".

This was followed by a totally ridiculous Fiat 500 ice race with the complete Ferrari team...and Michael. In fact it looks like Schumacher is doing the bulk of the interviews, a role I'm guessing that can only make Raikkonen happy. As long as the press is satisfied with a Schumi quote, that is less work for the Kimi and Felipe.

Back to the ice race, if you do not understand Italian let me just say that the announcers are just hilarious: completely clueless, they are trying to comment the race as if it is a real race.

If you sit though it you will see that Schumacher, out of it early tries to influence the outcome at the finish! Oh no, bring on the conspiracy theories....was he "faking" gearbox issues in the final laps? Haters could find their goldmine in this!!

The cars are painted like the driver's helmets, the black and red is Kimi, the green is Massa, orange is Schumacher, blue and white is Marc Gene (who brutally takes out Kimi!) and with the red and yellow is Luca Badoer.

Anyway... silly but fun

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