January 10, 2008

Formula Bollywood

I think the ill fitting leather Nerhu jackets and jodhpurs might finally have bested Coulthards Superman suit.
The look on Fisichellas face ... And he raised millions to buy that jacket!


  1. I think they should have saved the money they spent on the great big helmet and matching bondage gear and spent it on the car.

  2. "Outperforms Team Mates" ???????

    ????? Was that some kind of humor, or is it really used as a serious performance metric?


  3. Say what you want about Fisi, but the announcer, she's hot.

  4. I love rooting for the little guys in F1 along with my fav front runners, but in a way I felt sad for the boys as they where announced at this show

  5. I guess Giancarlo will have that face quite a bit during this year. Namely, everytime he gets out of the car. It's going to be a long year for him...

  6. Fisi is well aware where he team is. I believe one of the reasons why they hired him is his F1 experience. They had plenty of rookie options to choose from, but with one already racing with them there was little doubt Fisi would get the nod. He has the experience the team like Force India needs at this stage ... He will not win the races and get on podiums (unless there is some freak race) but that was the case last years in Renault for him. He is used to it :-)

    P.S. Fisi insists he did not pay millions to wear that jacket, he gets paid to wear jackets :-)


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