January 4, 2008

Ferrari F50 Owners Manual

This is the owners manual for the US version of the 1995 F50.

2950 lbs, carbon fiber chassis and adjustable for shoe size!

from page 2/25

"Pedal Adjustment sole The driving position can be adjusted by varying the sole A as a function of the driver's shoe size: have this work done by and Authorized Ferrari Center."

This is the one Ferrari supercar which has not caught the public imagination for the simple reason that it paled in comparison to the contemporary Mclaren F1 which was lighter by about 400lbs and had an engine which was both more powerful (by 40hp) and especially much more flexible, some 480 ft/lb vs 345ft/lbs of the Ferrari.
It did not help that it looked like a red Batmobile either. On the other hand, you got two cars in one since it can be user configured as a berlinetta or a barchetta! (page 4.38)

And yes, like the US spec F40, it also had motorized belts.

I wonder if anyone knows how these cars are doing on the used market?

Download the Ferrari F50 Owners Manual here
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