January 3, 2008

Are you kidding me?

"Fernando Alonso aquaplaned off the road in Fuji - even with traction control. The electronics still couldn't support him - and that will happen a lot more without traction control because Formula One engines are very peaky."

That's Super Dave Coulthard voicing concerns some drivers have about driving in the wet without traction control. Now granted, Alonso's accident at Fuji was a case of physics winning out over clever electronics but as Max Mosley correctly points out, it will be the same for everyone and the drivers will simply have to adapt and consider the edge of the envelope not just the end of the accelerator pedal travel. Mosley gets extra points for his "what if we had a Grand Prix on snow" analogy....Don't say it twice Mr. Max, Bernie might get some ideas for that GP of Moscow !

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