January 5, 2008

F131 Enzo Ferrari Owners manual

Just one day left before the official unveiling of Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa's new ride for 2008 and we are up to the latest Ferrari road legal supercar, the Enzo Ferrari.

So it still looks like a batmobile but with a better power to weight ratio and proper aerodynamics it finally succeeds where the F50 had failed and bested the Mclaren F1 in all but straight line performance. To Ferrari's credit there was not much given over to the styling department that was not wind tunnel approved. That multifunction display is still the coolest made.

The manual is now pretty much fully devoid of the exquisite technical detail seen in the 288 GTO manual and in the end your Enzo driving russian plutocrat is probably not going to miss any of it. In fact, considering used Enzo's sell used for almost twice what they cost new, chances are the cars get polished more than they get driven (with a some notable exceptions)... and when they do get driven, it seems like a good percentage of them get crashed by guys named Deitrich or Eddie.

Download the Enzo Owners Manual .pdf here

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