December 19, 2007


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  2. I think the hood sunroof is hideous.

  3. Yeah, that is pretty nasty. Corvette likes to copy styling cues from Ferrari but it never comes out quite right....that's more shaker hood than F430, without the charm of either....

  4. Are you kidding me? A car this significant and the only thing you clowns can say is "we don't like the hood"

    Oh man, that's rich.


  5. "this significant"?..
    It's a very cool car... but supercharging has been around for a while as has CF....and the hole in the hood showing....well, nothing but a cover IS nothing significant, period.

    .god forbid anyone say anything negative about a Corvette, which we all know is perfect! especially with GM boasting the ZR1 can hold 1.0g, wow :0)
    A 1980's Alfa SZ could do 1.4g on 225 tires!

  6. This and any other performance Vette is significant in hp/$ (kindly ignoring the Mustang and its, ahem, vintage rear suspension).

    Seriously, how fast do you have to be going before you can put down 600HP? This is clearly a bragging rights rocket, to compare with the new Viper, whereas I was impressed when the C6 Z06 came out with how hardcore it was (dry sump, trans cooler, etc.) when it obviously didn't need to be.

    Also, the pumped up look is okay, but those wheels are too big and look terrible. Try bumping them down an inch...

  7. Cary: I'm not sure if you made a point, but I think you were on the right track.

    AC: It's just the opposite... people say negative things about Corvettes daily; Around here it seems more like "God forbid anyone say anything POSITIVE about a Corvette."

    You want significant???

    Carbon-ceramic brakes are now on:
    a) an American car
    b) a GM product
    c) an American car with an MSRP below $200K USD
    d) all of the above

    The correct answer is d.

    Shall I continue?

    Michelin PS2 tires are now specified on:

    a) an American sports car
    b) a Corvette
    c) a 3400-lb well balanced car with 600+ bhp and an MSRP of less than $200K USD
    d) all of the above

    The correct answer is d.

    The car is highly significant. It will not have the harmony of an FScuderia, but it will cover the FScuderia on nearly the entire performance envelope, and can actually be bought for $100-$150K and will be exponentially more reliable and easy to service.

    -So sayeth the Freep

  8. for one thing it's on here, so that's ...the highest honor :0)

    but the the Freep also sayeth that these will be garage queens for the select few, much like the Scuderias will be.
    And anyway aren't mustipiston big brakes useless anyway? ;O)

  9. Saying that the hood is ugly doesn't take away the fact that the its a great performance car.

    I bet there will be prettier aftermarket hoods presto, or hope that it just doesn't make it into production. And even if it does in 2008, I bet it won't make it into production in 2009. For all I know it's a non performing, cosmetic add on, so I say: take it off, keep it simple and beautidul, save some bucks (which GM really needs).

  10. And how come the Axis hasn't posted any reference to the launch of another uber significant car: The Nissan GTR. Then I would say it's front fenders are ugly as hell, and most magazines are doing their best to take photos from where that obvious flaw isn't noticed...much.

  11. I have something in the forum about that 3900lbs porker...maybe I should transfer it here...:)


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