December 19, 2007

Two big small mistakes.

Two fractions of a second, two drivers who just stepped outside the envelope that TINY bit, both with huge consequences for the Championship.

Kimi Raikkonen during qualifying in Monaco was a fraction early on the second Swimming Pool turn and hit the ARMCO, here is the onboard. The telemetry guys know for sure but I remember at the time it looked like he might have lost the rear just a fraction and that rotated the car enough to make him early. He got a lot of heat from the press for that mistake, but looking at it from his point of view would you be so hard?

When Fernando Alonso crashed on the flooded Fuji track it was also easy to criticize... after all, none of the other top guys crashed. But again, looking at the onboard you just have to say...luck of the draw. As with Ferrari, the Mclaren telemetry guys know the real truth, but I would guess it's fair to say that when a driver is pushing under those conditions, anything can happen.

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