December 5, 2007

That's news to us...

That's the official response to the rumored offer of a one year deal Mclaren was to have made to none other than SeƱor Ferdinando Alonso.

What's funny about this is that in their hearts of hearts they both have to know that it is actually the solution that makes the most sense for all involved. Given his insistence on a short term deal, Alonso would find even a grumpy crewed Mclaren a far superior ride to anything else that's not painted Scuderia Red. For Mclaren, even a foot stomping Alonso would mean not having issues with their sponsors and let's not forget, with two of the top three drivers in the field, their best chance for redemption and winning the championships in 2008.

Alonso will certainly wait until the upcoming McRenault-gate hearing before making any decision.

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